Why Are Gaming Laptops So Expensive?

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Topic: Why Are Gaming Laptops So Expensive? Why Are Gaming Laptops So Expensive?

Why Are Gaming Laptops So Expensive?

Passionate gamers know the significance of owning the best gaming laptop for getting the first position on the scoreboard. They need better graphics and swift gaming laptops to become the top scorer. Many gamers prefer to buy gaming laptops rather than gaming PCs regardless of being expensive.

For avid gamers, gaming laptops are a viable option over PCs due to their performance and portability at the same time.

Aside from that, you can use them conveniently almost anywhere you want. However, gaming laptops are very expensive so they can cost arms and legs.

Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry and 2020 data suggests that the global gaming laptop market is around at 10.96 billion U.S. dollars.

Gaming laptops are more expensive than gaming desktops. Shop around your nearest electronic store and check for the rates of gaming laptops and gaming desktops. You will come to know that gaming laptops are way expensive as compared to gaming desktops even with the same specs.

So, Why are gaming laptops so expensive?

In this guide, we will talk about some most important points why are gaming laptops so expensive than desktop gaming PCs. Let’s begin…

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Why are Gaming Laptops So Expensive Than Normal Laptops?

  1. Compact and Portable

All gamers don’t like to stay in the same location to play their favorite games. They prefer mobility and want to play games even when they are away from their residence.

Sometimes, it’s fun to play the game with a group of friends sitting in the same room.

Therefore, such gamers like sleek and lightweight gaming laptops to carry around easily.

Apart from being compact and thin, these gaming machines should be high-quality and durable. Plus, due to their heavy workload, they should be able to withstand wear and tear as well.

By keeping all these points in mind, laptops manufacturers use super high-quality material for their manufacturing. This is one of the reasons behind expensive laptops.

  1. Customization

Most pro gamers are familiar with the complete working of computers and computer technology. They have an excellent idea of how different hardware components can affect gaming performance. For example, they know how the performance of a game will be changed if they replace one GPU with the next.

As we all know, gaming technologies are getting changed rapidly. So when you purchase a new laptop, there are high chances that technology may have already changed from the time of your purchase. Then, you may have to upgrade your laptop frequently for a good gaming experience.

That’s why all gamers prefer to buy a laptop with a good customization option. It’s worth using the same base laptop with some customization instead of buying a new laptop. Therefore, the ability to customize gaming laptops makes them expensive.

Disassembled gaming laptop

  1. Manufacturing Process

The complex manufacturing process increases the price of gaming laptops significantly.

Because they have to design the hardware components compatible with all other parts. Designing a super-efficient system despite its size is a very hardworking job.

Look at the size of a tower PC with a regular gaming laptop. Manufacturers have to shrink the size of tower PC into regular laptops that are a hard-working job. Power supply and graphics card would take up almost all the space in a small laptop case. Where will the other components go?

The design of the laptop interior is very complex. It becomes very difficult to repair any part when a fault occurs in the laptop.

That’s why each component is rigorously tested and make sure that each of them is working perfectly before leaving the warehouse. This is the reason that makes gaming laptops more expensive than other computers.

  1. Battery life

The battery is one of the most important hardware components of any laptop. Due to the heavy workload, gaming laptops need high-quality and robust batteries to increase their working timespan. Ideally, the battery should last for several hours to continue gaming without a power supply.

During a game, different parts of laptops work at full capacity. That’s why they drain the battery very quickly.

On the flip side, regular laptops are designed for simple tasks like writing documents and surfing the web. In this case, an ordinary battery will work perfectly.

However, the poor-quality battery doesn’t work at all for gaming laptops.

It is important to note that most gamers prefer desktop PC over gaming laptops due to their high performance.

However, if a gamer is purchasing a gaming laptop, it means he/ she wants mobility. But without a good battery, there will be no mobility.

Even though gaming laptops aren’t best to offer great battery life. So, most of the time you’ll be gaming in your laptop plugged in.

For a high-quality battery installation, you will have to spend a hefty amount. With a good battery, you can easily sit away from a power source to enjoy your games.

  1. Prevention of Overheating

Overheating can be one of the major issues of gaming laptops. Many electronic components throttle the performance as soon as they are starting to overheat.

Therefore, you must be aware of such problems when purchasing a gaming laptop.

Overheating happens due to the continuous high performance of these laptops. All components run at the same time to properly maintain the speed of the game.

Above all, the entire cast of the laptop is full of components. So there isn’t much space for air to travel between the parts freely to cool them down.

As a result, computer breakdown can occur. In the worst case, it can lead to a serious issue of fire.

To prevent such problems, gaming machines come with overheating protection. Manufacturers built up an efficient cooling system to reduce the heat level.

Gamers have to pay a bit extra money for the installation of a cooling system to prevent overheating.

Why Are Gaming Laptops So Expensive? Graphics card

  1. Graphics Card

Graphics card is one of the crucial parts of gaming laptops and PCs. A good graphic card plays a key role in your gaming performance.

Unfortunately, gaming cards don’t perform in laptops as they perform in gaming desktops. This is because of the size and the power of the unit. But the gap is getting short day by day.

For getting up to the mark performance, you need to pay more for getting an expensive gaming card. Such cards offer amazing FPS rates and visual processing. You must get a laptop with a graphics card that runs your desired game smoothly. Otherwise, nothing is worst to buy a laptop that doesn’t run your games properly.

It is evident that desktop graphics cards are cheaper than their laptop counterparts even though they’re the same model because the desktop ones are big in size, have multiple fans and other cooling solutions, and don’t have power constraints.

To compete with other gamers on desktop, you will have to pay some extra money for getting a more powerful gaming card. And, it will make gaming laptops costlier than regular laptops and all types of desktop computers.

  1. Branding

Building a desktop PC and normal laptops is not that difficult. For setting up such a system, you can get different components from different companies and assemble them. However, you shouldn’t do this in the case of gaming laptops to maximize your gaming performance.

Because you will always have compatibility issues if you assemble parts from different brands to manufacture your laptop. To get rid of such problems, most companies have launched their own gaming laptops brands.

Companies ensure the quality of the product. In most cases, branded laptops perform well than your custom-made laptops. Therefore, when you buy a branded laptop, you will not only pay for the product but also for the brand value that came with it.

  1. Customized Peripherals and Accessories

Ordinary laptops and gaming laptops have a totally different appearances. Avid gamers always go with luxurious peripherals and accessories. These are not necessary but quite popular among gamers.

If you buy a branded gaming laptop, you will notice 100% of the time that they have customized peripherals and accessories, especially the keyboard.

Plus, if you look at the setup of an enthusiastic gamer, you will also find a customized mouse there.

Although mouse doesn’t come with gaming laptops, gamers prefer to buy customized peripherals. Gamers have to pay more in order to get luxurious items.


  1. Solid-State Drives

Solid-state drives are quite popular among all types of laptops today. These drives enhance the speed of computers or laptops because of their high read and write speed.

Ordinary laptops still use old hard disk drives because they are cheaper.

On the flip side, speed is everything for hard-core gamers. They do everything to increase even a little bit speed of the PCs.

Solid-state drives are faster than hard disk drives. Therefore, gamers prefer to get a laptop with a pre-installed solid-state drive.

Solid-state drives are more expensive than HDDs. This is one of the reasons that make gaming laptops a bit more expensive than others.

  1. Warranty

Suppose you have two options: the first one is to choose a locally made laptop by a novice company. And, the second one is to get a laptop with the same specifications designed by multi-national brands with good names. Which companies’ laptops you will choose?

Most of you will definitely go with the branded company. It’s because of the brand’s superiority, quality control, and seniority, etc.

Above all, such brands offer good warranty and customer support. Everyone looks for a warranty when they purchase a premium gaming laptop.

Companies offer good warranty and aftersales services to those who pay more money.

Why are gaming laptops more expensive than desktops?

It is very normal to have a thought in mind that why are gaming laptops more expensive than their desktop counterparts?

To answer that question you have to understand few factors that typically makes the gaming laptops expansive but among them, Research and Development and Manufacturing cost is the most significant reason.

Why Are Gaming Laptops So Expensive? Research and Development

1. R&D and Manufacturing costs

Both laptops and desktop computers use semiconductors to work. But there’s a major difference in their form factor.

Laptop manufactures have to shrink the components like motherboard, CPU, GPU to fit into a chassis that is millimeters thick now and provide them with proper cooling to work efficiently.

Laptop manufacturers spend hefty money on research and development and upgrading the manufacturing line to stay competitive. It is also good from a consumer’s point of view.

As laptop manufacturers require to develop components that are small enough, don’t overheat, and also deliver the expected level of performance, the overall development makes the gaming laptops more expansive than desktops.

Ryzen Processor

2. Processor

If you have ever installed a desktop CPU, you’d know that desktop processors have a metal shroud on them and there’s the brand name and model number printed on top of it. Furthermore, there’s also a socket on the motherboard to install the processor.

Similarly, in the case of laptops, it is very rare to find a laptop with a CPU socket on the motherboard and also there’s very little surface to apply thermal paste.

Most laptops these days come directly soldered onto the motherboard using a BGA (Ball Grid Array).

It is a process to permanently mount a chip onto a motherboard. Also, it is a more complex process rather than installing a desktop CPU onto a desktop motherboard. It makes the gaming laptop expensive than gaming desktops.

3. GPU

Graphics processing unit comes in two forms in every computer.

Integrated GPUs

Integrated or IGPUs are inbuilt graphic processing unit that comes with the CPU in a single chip. It handles normal graphical tasks like watching videos, surfing the web, etc.

Discrete GPUs

Discrete or Dedicated GPUs are separate graphic processor that is soldered on to the motherboard just like the CPU. It handles hardcore graphics or mathematical calculations like gaming, video editing, and cryptocurrency mining.

Earlier generations of laptop GPUs had a major performance gap if you compare them to big and bulky desktop GPUs.

But now, the gap is thinning with every new release.

GPUs add up a major cost and make gaming laptops expensive.

4. Cooling

Different brands use different cooling solutions on their laptops. On desktops, you don’t have space, weight, and also power constraints.

You can install as many fans and liquid cooling solutions on a desktop. That’s not the case with a laptop.

But gaming laptops are still better than desktops ever will be in terms of battery life unless you don’t carry around your desktop connecting it to a generator all day.

A lot of effort needs to design and develop an efficient cooling system for laptops. The process starts from designing components to the air vents in the laptop frame.

Typically the process is to cool the CPU and the GPU via cooling fans, connect them via heat pipes and try to decapitate the heat as fast as you can.

The whole design and development add cost to the final product, in our case gaming laptops, making them more expensive than gaming desktops.

5. Touch and other Inputs

There are gaming laptops available in the market with touchscreen input and fingerprint readers.

Certainly, the features increase the ease of access for the user but also make the gaming laptops more expansive than desktops.


Is a Gaming Laptop Worth Buying in 2021?

Gaming laptops always face criticism for their underperformance and less option for upgradability by the gaming community.

They were right 5 years ago.

But now, things have changed, the gap in performance of a gaming laptop and a gaming desktop is getting short with every passing day.

There are some significant changes in the industry that makes gaming laptops a viable option in 2021.

There was a time when an entry-level gaming laptop costs about $1200 to 1500$. But now you can get a decent gaming laptop at a far less price than that.

At the time of writing, you can buy the Acer Nitro 5 with RTX 3050 in it for just over $800.

Furthermore, gaming laptops have become very thin and light than they used to be. Now gaming laptops are millimeters thick and weigh just a few pounds.

Is a gaming laptop better than a regular laptop?

Yes! Gaming laptops are far better in terms of performance and durability if you compare them with regular home laptops.

Gaming laptops are built on purpose to tolerate high levels of temperature, longer usage duration, and to give better overall endurance.

They offer high-performance processors. A fast CPU resembles a faster laptop. Gaming laptops offer greater speed in terms of performance than regular laptops. These laptops boot quickly, run faster, better multitask with ease.

Gaming laptops use higher quality parts since they’re built for gaming these laptops offer better display, efficient processor, more memory capacity, and better sound.

Gaming laptops are more likely to offer future upgradability. You can add another stick of RAM and another NVMe SSD and increase the overall speed and performance of your machine in the future. Regular laptops don’t offer many options to upgrade hardware in the future.

The components used in gaming laptops can handle more demanding tasks where your regular laptop fails.

Do gaming laptops last long?

It depends on how well you take care of the laptop. But generally speaking, gaming laptops last longer than regular home laptops.

A mid-range laptop generally lasts a good 3 to 4 years. Whereas high-end gaming laptops can serve you 4 to 6 years.

There’s a general rule of thumb that is that the higher the price better the laptop. But the price is not the only factor that affects the longevity of laptops.

In a nutshell, the lifespan of gaming laptops depends on the hardware build quality, maintenance, and usage.

Overall, gaming laptops are more capable to withstand heavy and somewhat rough, and longer usage.

Why gaming laptops are heavy?

Gaming laptops have always been on the heavier side. They’re an excellent alternative to gaming desktops as gaming laptops have their own set of advantages of portability and versatility.

The main weight of a gaming laptop is its cooling solution. As gaming laptops offer high performance, consume more power, and generate a lot of heat hence to cool the laptops bigger heatsinks and more fans have to be provided. This adds to the overall weight of a gaming laptop.

The battery is also one of the pivotal points that adds weight to a laptop. As gaming laptops consume more power and offer a decent amount of battery backup.

As a result, gaming laptops come with bigger batteries that increase the weight significantly.

Wrapping Up

Gaming laptops are no doubt more expensive than ordinary ones, that’s a reality. Why are gaming laptops so expensive as regular laptops and gaming desktop PCs?

It’s because companies have to utilize plenty of resources to build a laptop with sheer performance, versatility, and portability.

We have mentioned the top 10 most important reasons that increase the price of gaming laptops.

Some other minor reasons also affect the price of gaming machines. For example, the manufacturing process of the gaming laptop is a bit longer which raises their price.

If you can compromise on luxurious peripherals, accessories, and avoid big-branded laptops, you can get a bit cheaper gaming laptop.

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