Meshforce whole home mesh Wi-Fi system review USA 2022

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The topic of discussion of this article is to review the Meshforce Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System USA 2022. CHECK ON AMAZON

Mesh force whole home mesh Wi-Fi system review USA 2021

Meshforce whole home mesh Wi-Fi system review USA 2022

Mesh Wi-Fi system can cover up to 6000 square feet using a three-piece Wi-Fi mesh system. Many other questions arise with this system like is it good for connection speed? How reliable is it to provide coverage and speed? What are the other features of this mesh system? What type of security features does it provide? This article will look at all of its features and aspects to know more about it. The review of the mesh system will clear all your queries.

Let’s start a discussion on the Meshforce M3s system:

Why is there a need for Meshforce whole home mesh Wi-Fi system?

Wireless router coverage was not an issue or major concern in the previous decade or years. At that time, there were two to three devices online in a place. The cheap router was enough to get coverage of need if the router’s placement was in the right place.

After streaming services and mainstream online gaming, and other devices online, you’ll find most of the house’s devices working online. From a smartphone, laptops to Refrigerators, light switches, and smoke detectors are online now and require coverage. The need for the number of connections of devices is increasing with increasing technology.

Now your old router is not enough to do the job for so many devices by itself. Either you need to move to some other Wi-Fi network or some other wider system.

You should replace your router with a wider system that can easily provide signals to all your devices. In this time of need, the mesh router system took its place. It sends a wireless signal around your house with the use of two or more devices. It extends the range with the use of a fully functional router at each end.

Summary of Meshforce M3s Suite mesh Wi-Fi system

Based on the features, you can decide the performance and efficiency it provides. This system comes with all gigabit Ethernet and greater coverage.

It provides a super-powerful network with dual-band Wi-Fi. You can connect many devices in the network to extend your coverage. It allows you to cover your different areas from the basement to the living room and door to the backyard. You can stay connected to the net being anywhere in the house.

It is easy to set up this network in just a few minutes. You get remote management and full control of your Wi-Fi system. It provides easy management of everything with just your hand. With the smart app, you can control your Wi-Fi network easily. You can provide access to whomever you want.

Given are the details of the features of Meshforce whole home mesh Wi-Fi system we consider in the review in the USA 2022.


The Meshforce M3s means the complete setup of the M3 router system. M3s includes three units that fulfill all your needs by setting it up with an M3 single router. There is no need to set up the mesh Wi-Fi network in your house except for the M3s system.

Every unit of the M3s router system is white and sleek. Their design is trapezoid in shape. The units have a satin finish on the case, which is of white ABS plastic. These units will not grab a lot of attention from others when you place them on your desk or shell.

Unlike other routers, the mesh system units don’t show any lights, so you don’t need to worry. They have only one LED indicator to inform you about the connection. Even you can keep the router in your bedroom as the lights will not bother your sleep.

Each M3 router has a measurement of five inches on each side and a height of over six inches. The block size and its profile make it attractive even placed on any desk.

There is a row of five Gigabit Ethernet ports on the back of M3 router units for modem connections. One of these ports is connecting the modem of the home’s cable and one for Ethernet cable.

The Ethernet cable comes with a router included in the kit. The other three ports are for connecting the game consoles, PCS, and other devices.


One of the three-unit units will act as the main unit for the mesh system setup. Choose one of the units as the main one that will connect with your cable modem.

You need to download the My Mesh mobile app after this on your mobiles. The app is free on both Android and iOS. The complete time to install the setup will be around 10 minutes minimum if you follow the installation instructions properly.

In real you might take much more time than this. The reason will be that you have to decide where you need to put your other two router units. The longer time you take to decide, the longer the installation time will be. If you want to maximize your coverage area, you have to do some trials by putting the units in different areas.

When you decide where you want to keep the router units, you can now position everything easily.

If you get any defective piece or some other defect, you can return it. All three routers in the M3s kit come with Meshforce’s 12-month warranty.

[/rt_chained_content][rt_chained_content icon_name=”icon-rocket” title=”Speed”]

M3s is a dual-band system like other routers of this modern time. The dual-band system means it is capable of supporting both 5GHz and 2.4 GHz WI-Fi signals.

You get the bandwidth of up to 867Mbps with the 5GHz channel that also means full Gigabit speeds. With the 2.4GHz channel, you get additional 300Mbps that pushes the speed over a Gigabit. The system comes with both bands, so your system speed will be over a gigabit.

The wavelength of the 5GHz channel is shorter, which means it provides a shorter range but higher speed. A 2.4 GHz channel has a longer wavelength, which means it can provide a longer range, but the speed might be slower. It provides better penetration and a longer range.

It is enough for most home users to have a maximum bandwidth of over 1,100Mbps. There’ll be more bandwidth for those who are hardcore gamers or have lots of devices.

You might need to go for other options like TaoTronics AC3000 Mesh Wi-Fi Router in such a case. It provides a three-band system that can provide you 3Gbps of total bandwidth. The more the bandwidth means more the cost.

M3s mesh system is three times faster than previous generation products because of its units. You can enjoy streaming and gaming on this mesh system with ease. It allows you to do other activities of work in your connected smart life in a convenient way.

The use of higher technology in the M3s Meshforce system allows it to have more speed and coverage. You can use the internet on your phone, tablets seamlessly being inside on outside of your home.

Wi-Fi Coverage

Each unit of M3s router has the capability of covering over 2,000 square feet on its own. With the whole M3s mesh system, it can cover roughly around 6,000 square feet. There can be many reasons that can limit the signal range, like brick walls and other masonry. Overall the whole mesh system will cover your house to provide you with better coverage.

Another factor that affects the total coverage of Wi-Fi is how close all the routers are. It’s not going to be beneficial to have all three units in the same area. In this case, the signals of the router will overlap means less coverage. You should spread the routers as far as possible to get coverage in the widest possible area.

Meshforce whole home mesh Wi-Fi system review USA 2022

By adding more units of the mesh routers, you can get more range. You can expand your network coverage area by adding additional M3 routers.

If your house area is more than 10,000 square feet, you can buy six routers in total to cover the whole area. You can enhance the coverage area for your house, retail store, or other large indoor spaces. 12,000 square feet is also enough for a mid-sized corporate office.

The M3s Suite system is capable of supporting up to 60 devices. It can connect so many units that make it compatible with IoT devices.

There is a downside of this system which is that it doesn’t support Wi-Fi 6. Wi-Fi 6 is the latest Wi-Fi protocol that can provide connections to dozens of devices. You have to reset the routers as it eventually ends up throttling your bandwidth. The more devices you connect more time you have to reset them.

Parental control

You can adjust the various settings of the M3s system using the My Mesh mobile app. It provides a parental control option that you can use to control some permissions.

You can set some specific permissions for some specific devices so that kids don’t go out of bounds. This control option allows you to ensure that your kids get a good online experience according to their age.

You can control the data they can access easily. In this way, you can save your kids from using inappropriate use of the net. They can see what you’ll allow them to; otherwise, they won’t access it.

It also allows you to set bedtimes for individual devices through the mobile app. This feature helps in controlling your kid’s internet usage.

You can use the internet all night, but your kid’s connection will cut off after the set time. It allows you to get out of the concern of kids having too much screen time. In this way, you can make a routine of your kid and time for net usage. They wouldn’t get into a habit of waking up all night using the net irresponsibly. Parental control is one of the amazing features of this mesh system.

Remote management

The remote management allows you to check the Wi-Fi network’s status even when you’re somewhere out. There might be a need for remote monitoring from time to time when you run a home server. You can check the activities and monitor everything on your mobile easily, even being not at home.

Guest network

The M3s mesh system allows you to create a separate guest network. This guest network will be separate from your regular network. It allows you to keep the guest network separate for protection from the hacker. Even if a hacker hacks your guest network, he won’t get access to your regular one. They’ll only be able to see the devices connected with the guest network, not with the regular one.

The devices connected with your guest network will be visible on the guest network. Users that are using the regular network will be visible on the regular network. This feature makes the mesh system more secure. In this way, you don’t need to worry about the security of your confidential information.

Especially it is safer for the business that has to share the Wi-Fi with their customers. You can keep your system devices and data confidential. The people can use the public network, and you can use the regular one.

You can even set up your public network’s password freely without worry that business systems data is out. For example, in the café, you can set a guest network to provide your customer a free network. They’ll be capable of using the café guest network but won’t be able to access your private one.

With the use of a private one, you can handle all your computers and confidential work. No one will have access to it if you will not provide it.


  • Easy management
  • Easy setup
  • Flexible and secure
  • Guest network


  • Not Wi-Fi 6


Frequently asked questions

The given are some questions that can help you know more about the Meshforce M3s and mesh system.

  1. Does it support Wi-Fi 6?

The most obvious downside of Meshforce M3s suite is that they don’t support Wi-Fi 6. It can limit the connection of a lot of IoT devices.

Because of not supporting Wi-Fi 6, you will need to reset the router from time to time. If you don’t want to connect to many IoT devices, it can be a great option for you.

  1. Is it sufficient for large commercial spaces?

In a mesh system, you can connect different units to extend the coverage. You can connect up to 60 devices that can be enough to cover your large commercial spaces. With one device, it can cover up to 200 square feet.

Meshforce M3 system covers 6000 square feet area with its 3 units. According to the space of your commercial area, you can connect the devices to extend the coverage.

  1. How long it takes to set the whole setup?

The process of installation is quick and easier. You can do the setup within 10 to 15 minutes. You just need to install the app and have to place the units in their places.

The time could be more if you didn’t decide where you want to place the units of M3s. You can check by placing it at a different location and choosing where it provides the maximum coverage to your area.

The app My Mesh takes a bit of time to install. After placing, you can make the connections.

  1. How can you control this mesh system?

The app names with the My Mesh app allow you to control the mesh system easily. You need to install this app on your mobile to control different features.

Through this app, you can have parental control over your children. You can limit the time they can use the internet.

It can help in limiting your child’s online world experience. You can add a time limit after which your children’s devices will not be able to connect to the internet.

It allows many security features like a separate guest and regular network. Under WPA/WPA2, it secures your connections and provides industry-level password encryption. It welcomes your visitors with a guest network and guards your privacy.


The mesh network provides many benefits, including security, coverage, parental control, design, etc. It provides you industrial-level password security of your network.

You can have a separate guest network for your guests and customers. It also allows you to keep your user data safe and secure. You can give the password of your guest network to anyone keeping the personal one safe.

With parental options, you can have access to the content type of your kids. Your children can’t access content that is inappropriate for their age. It provides an easy-to-use app with which you can control everything remotely. This article provides a lot more information about this whole-home mesh Wi-Fi system. You can go to the amazon link to know more about it. The customer reviews and ratings can help you in knowing much more about the network.

So, this concludes the topic for Meshforce whole-home mesh Wi-Fi system review USA 2022

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