July 5, 2021

How to Beat Ransomware? | The Incredible Ways to Beat Ransomware USA 2021

Topic: How to Beat Ransomware USA 2021?

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How to Prevent Ransomware from Locking Your PC ?


Imagine you have been working on an extremely important project for many weeks and have plenty of important documents in your system. When you try to open a file, a strange message pops up:

“All data on your system has been encrypted, you have only 48 hours to submit payment, otherwise, you won’t be able to access these files ever.” Shit! Ransomware has hit your system.

Are you panic?  You should be if you don’t have any backup of your files. How to prevent ransomware from locking your PC in this disastrous situation? How to beat ransomware in 2021?

Above all, a ransomware attack can have different devastating impacts.

For example, the simplest impact is that you may lose your precious personal data. But attackers can also shut down hospital services in the middle of an emergency procedure.

So this attack can become a matter of life and death for you.


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Unfortunately, cybercrimes including ransomware are quite common nowadays.

You can’t make your system immune to prevent it from all types of cybersecurity attacks.

Then what to do now? Here are some important measures to beat ransomware:


Enhance the Security of Your System


The only possible way to prevent 100% a ransomware attack is not to connect your system with the internet, Bluetooth, etc.

To prevent your system from such threats, never connect your PC with the internet. Do you think is it a practical solution? Not at all!

Living without the internet is quite impossible for everyone nowadays. And, any internet-enabled system is not risk-free from cyber threats.

However, we can significantly reduce the chances of ransomware attacks by implementing some important safeguards.


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Email Security Software


Over time, various surveys show that phishing emails were the reason behind over 50% of the ransomware infection.

In this scenario, it is crucial to use email security software as an effective way to prevent a ransomware attack.

Because many attackers use spam emails to inject ransomware into your system. When an end-user clicks on the given links in the email, ransomware starts working.

Email security software significantly reduces the number of emails with malicious links and attachments arriving in your inbox.

It automatically filters suspicious emails and put them into spam or junk email folder.


How to Beat Ransomware USA 2021

Anti-Malware Software


It is another important way to beat ransomware.

You should install the latest version of popular anti-malware software on your system and keep updating the software.

Try to deep scan your system periodically to find out any malicious system in your PC.


Do Secure Browsing


Secure browsing can also prevent plenty of cyber-attacks.

Using navigation links we can navigate from one secure website to an insecure site.

These sites can also contain malicious links and attachments.

Therefore, you should be very careful when browsing. Don’t click on the ads, pop-ups, etc. Plus, don’t download software from unauthorized sites.


Use Licensed Software


Many users use cracked or pirated software on their PC. Such software can be also very risky. Attackers can run a malicious piece of code in the crack file on your system.

Plus, you need to disable anti-malware software for its proper installation.

As a result, you can become a victim of ransomware. Therefore, you should always use the licensed software on the system.


Keep the Operating System and other Software Updated


Almost all operating systems and other application or utility software receive security updates periodically.

These security updates keep your PC secure from the latest cybersecurity threats.

Therefore, update the software immediately upon receiving updates.


Back-Up Your Data


Here comes the most important thing to beat ransomware i.e. backing up your data.

The ultimate purpose of the ransomware attack is to steal, encrypt, or delete your data. If the attackers encrypt your extremely important file and you don’t have any backup, what’d you do?

Definitely, you have no solution to paying them off to get your file decrypted.


Therefore, you must have an external drive to maintain your backup.

You should back up your necessary data on daily basis. Ransomware can encrypt your data secretly for weeks.

In this case, an external drive might not work. Then, you can go with cloud storage and upload your data there. They will maintain multiple versions of your data for safety. In the end, you will have an uninfected copy of your data.

Be careful, not to save your username and passwords in your system. Otherwise, they may infect your backup data as well.

If you are backing up your all data regularly and properly, you can show the attackers middle finger when they ask for payment.


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What to Do in Case of Ransomware Attack?


So far we have covered different security measures to prevent a ransomware attack. But what to do if they are successful in ransomware attacks even with all the above-mentioned security measures?

Here are some important tips for you:




In case of a ransomware attack, immediately disconnect the infected system from the internet and other connections.

It will help you to prevent spreading ransomware to other systems on the network.

Plus, power off the system immediately, it will stop executing ransomware. If you have multiple systems, disconnect them from all networks and turn them off too.


Scan Your System


Check your all systems for ransomware by scanning your PC deeply with anti-malware software.

If you find any ransomware traces, immediately clean them. Check that either all or a part of your data is affected.

If you still have some data without encryption, maintain the backup of that data.


How to Recover Ransomware-infected Files?


If you have a backup of your ransomware-infected files, you don’t need to worry at all. You can easily restore or recover your files.

However, when the attackers encrypt your files, most often, you don’t have many options except two, unfortunately. Either you will have to pay or you will lose the files.


Before making the final decision, you should browse the internet to find a decryption key.

You can find some details regarding that attack and decryption key on different sites. If you find a decryption key, you are good to go!

Otherwise, the only option to save your data is to pay the money.


How to Beat Ransomware USA 2021| Not to Pay Them


If you don’t have any backup or you fail to find any decryption key, you might make your mind to pay them.

However, we highly suggest you not pay these criminals unless you have extremely important data that you can’t reproduce again.

Paying ransom means you are funding criminals that will motivate them to grow their business.

Above all, you can’t trust crooks. Because you have no guarantee to receive a decryption key even after paying the money.


Wrapping Up


Ransomware has become a nightmare for those who have no habit to maintain a backup.

If you regularly maintain the backup of your data, you don’t need to worry about these crooks.

You can easily beat ransomware by fulfilling the aforementioned security measures.


If you don’t have any backup or decryption key, suffer the loss of your precious data but don’t pay the criminals.

The ransomware attack will teach you a useful lesson to maintain the backup.

Instead of paying criminals, increase your effort to reproduce or recollect that again to mitigate the loss.


So this, concludes the topic for How to Beat Ransomware USA 2021?

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