How Long Do Laptops Last?

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Topic: How Long Do Laptops Last?

How Long Do Laptops Last?

How Long Do Laptops Last in 2021?

Millions of people own laptops all around the world. They use it for different purposes such as work, gaming, leisure, communication, etc. There are great chances that you are reading this article on your laptop. Right?

To answer the question How Long Do Laptops Last? one should keep in mind that the majority of the laptops are not built to last long. Different companies release new models each year to kick the old models into oblivion due to advancements in technology.

Therefore, how long your laptop will last depends on different factors. For example, it can depend on the type, brand, and usage of the laptop.

So let’s have a brief overview of how long your laptop will last. Let’s get started…

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Does All Types of Laptops Last For Equal Timespan?

No. All types of laptops don’t last for an equal timespan.

If you purchase an expensive laptop, it will likely last longer than cheaper laptops. Further, the workload also has a significant impact on the life of your machine.

For example, you purchase two machines in which one is quite expensive and the other one is a bit cheaper. If you run heavy gaming, graphic design, and video editing software on both laptops, the cheaper one will definitely last shorter.

You can find three different kinds of laptops in the market. Each laptop is built for a different type of workload and has a different target market.

Therefore, their lifespan varies from one to the next. Let’s have a brief overview of how long each category’s laptop lasts…


  1. Consumer Laptops

A consumer laptop is a family laptop that people use at home for simple tasks.

For example, they use it to check email, browse the web, run social sites, and stream video content. Such laptops are the cheapest options and usually last less as compared to a business or gaming laptop.

Consumer laptop

Consumer Laptop

Companies manufacture these machines for light use. So they mostly don’t use top-tier materials to build consumer laptops. Most consumer laptops come with a one-year warranty.

However, it can last longer if you use it with proper care. You can extend their lifetimes up to 3 years or even more by treating them well.

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  1. Business Laptops

As the name suggests, business laptops are used for various robust business use cases. They are more reliable and usually have almost a 3-year warranty.

Due to daily commute, they may also contain some extra protection to safeguard them from wear and tear or other occasional bumps.

How Long Do Laptops Last? - Business Laptop Business Laptop

Their hardware interior is made of super-quality material that helps in smooth working. They overheat less even after their massive usage.

Business laptops may cost upwards of $3,000. They can last up to even 7 years if you treat them well.


  1. Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptops are an entirely different category of much heavier and more robust machines. They are not only reliable but also come with a much higher price tag.

If you buy a mid-range gaming laptop, it may last for up to 5 years. Because you may need to upgrade it to be able to play the latest games.

Gaming laptop

Gaming Laptop

On the flip side, if you buy the highest price tag laptop, it may last up to 7 years. Because such laptops contain the latest CPUs and graphics cards that help you to play games without flaws for many years.

Still, the lifespan of your laptop depends on your usage and how much care you do.

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What is the Average Lifespan of a Laptop?

The longevity of a laptop is the most important concern for almost all consumers. The average lifespan of most laptops is around 5 years.

Due to your proper care, it may survive longer than that but they can’t run the advanced application smoothly.

The lifespan of laptops below $700 is around 2.5 to 4 years. If you buy a laptop with a price tag between $700 to $1,000, it can last around 3 to 5 years.

Similarly, if you spend more than $1,000, your laptop may last up to 7 years.

As technology is changing rapidly, laptops get outdated very quickly. You can’t run the latest software on your old machines due to hardware limitations.

It’s better to replace or upgrade your business and gaming laptops when they reach their average longevity for a smoother working experience.

However, you can use your consumer laptops longer than their average timespan.


Factors That Determine the Lifespan of a Laptop

How long your laptop will last depends on three major factors.

Let’s have a brief overview of these factors one by one:


  1. Hardware Components

Different hardware components play a key role in determining the longevity of your laptop. If you have an old CPU, you shouldn’t expect it to last for several more years.

You can’t run the latest software on such machines. Because they are slow and immediately hangs whenever your click on something.

Disassembled gaming laptop to get an idea of How Long Do Laptops Lasts. Apart from the CPU, you need to update other parts like GPU and RAM as well.

Better GPU and RAM offer a much longer timespan to a laptop. If you have the latest GPU, CPU, and RAM, you can handle multiple tasks concurrently.

You should also consider the overall quality of the hardware. If the CPU is powerful, it doesn’t mean you have a high-quality laptop.

The compatibility of different hardware components with each other is very crucial. If components are not compatible with each other, they won’t work according to your expectation.

For example, replace the CPU, RAM, and hard disk drive with the latest ones if you have an old laptop.

Do you think your laptop will start working like a new one? Not at all. Replacing a few parts will resolve the issue. Therefore, you will have to replace your laptop.


  1. Usage of a Laptop

How and where do you use your laptop determines how long a laptop will last. Obviously, an overused laptop lasts shorter because it will have higher chances of wear and tear. Running less demanding activities on your laptop will also increase the lifespan of a laptop.

For example, if you use it for internet browsing, running social sites, checking emails, your laptop will accompany you longer.

On the flip side, if you perform heavy-duty tasks like gaming and multimedia production, you should expect a shorter life for it.

However, if your laptop is specifically built for gaming and rendering multimedia software, hardware will be able to withstand your usage demand. Such laptops can have a longer life. Therefore, you must choose a laptop according to your need.

For instance, if you want to perform simple tasks like browsing, you can go with a laptop below $500. If you want to run more demanding software, you should get an expensive laptop over $1,000.


  1. How Do You Care Your Laptop?

Proper caring of your laptop increases its lifespan. A broken battery is the most common reason behind a laptop failure. It is amazing to know that your laptop will last longer if you take care of the battery.

If you charge the battery more and more, it will lose the prime of the battery. Mostly, overcharging destroys the battery. Over time, its charging capacity will shorten.

As a result, you will have to charge your battery frequently. You should unplug your battery as soon as it is completely charged.

Let your laptop use the battery as much as possible. Your laptop will last longer if you take good care of its battery. Plus, you should also avoid eating snacks or anything when using a laptop.

Food particles can be stuck under the keys of the keyboard and can be problematic. You should also clean your laptop regularly to make sure that it doesn’t get dirt or moisture inside its components.


Key Signs That Indicate You Need To Replace Your Laptop


You should replace your laptop when its lifespan reaches the end. At this time, replacing certain parts will not resolve performance-related issues. Here are some signs that indicate that it’s time to say goodbye to your old laptop:


  1. Compatibility Problems

With the advancement of technology, compatibility is the most significant problem in old laptops. If you notice that the performance of your PC is going down, you can think about replacing certain parts. For example, you can upgrade RAM or switch to a solid-state drive.

However, it won’t work all the time. When the latest versions of the software are not compatible with your laptop, it’s time to change it.


  1. Slow boot time

Is your laptop taking really long to boot up and shut down than it should be? Also taking much time to get over from sleep mode to normal mode.

It can be because you’re running plenty of apps in the background, but most of the time you aren’t. Well, it’s high time you replace your laptop.

SSD storage drive

  1. Slow Processes

Over time, laptops become slow and take much time to open an application. Even, their startup and shut down time significantly increased.

What really happens is the software and the operating system continuously adds new features over time and make the piece of software or the operating system as a whole gets bulky for the hardware to run smoothly.

The update of the O.S and apps mostly focus on the current hardware specification.

It is another indicator to replace your laptop.


  1. Loud Fans

It is one of the very first signs that the noise of the fan of your laptop is running very loudly. Sometimes, it happens when you run any intensive software.

However, if you are not running any such heavy software and the laptop is lying idle but still, the noise of the fan is very loud, it is an indication that you should replace your laptop.


  1. Breakages

Accidents keep happening every day. Even an accident can happen to your new laptop that can end up having repairs. Drops, spillages, knocks, and even cold pressure can cause breakages.

In case of severe breakages, you will have to replace your laptop there’s no other way around.


How to prolong laptop lifespan:


  1. Take care of the battery

It is crucial to take good care of the battery thus Increasing the life of your laptop. Every lithium battery out there has a lifespan of a certain number of charge circles. They are prone to extreme temperature also.

To increase the life of a laptop battery you should keep in mind a few things.

  • Never overcharge the battery.
  • If you use the laptop plugged in the majority of the time, you should only charge the battery for 50 to 60 percent to increase the overall life of the battery. Nowadays, the majority of the laptop brands like Lenovo, Asus provide battery management software with their laptops. Still, if your laptop doesn’t have one, you can get a free tool like Battery Limiter to limit the charging to your desired percentage.
  • Never place the laptop on a surface that can block the vents of the laptops. That can severely heat up your laptop and also battery and can lead to damage of components.


  1. Hardware Upgradation

As time passes by the hardware components of your laptop become irrelevant. It is not possible to upgrade every piece of the component as we could on a desktop computer.

But on the flip side, laptops only have limited space for upgrades.

AMD Ryzen Processor

I would suggest upgrading the hardware to a new or more capacity like RAM and SSD where possible in every 2 to 3 years.


  1. Clean Installation of O.S

Operating Systems (O.S) tend to slow down laptops over time. The O.S accumulates a lot of temporary files, system log files of different applications and gets slower over time.

It is a good idea to give your laptop a fresh clean installation of the O.S and it can improve the overall speed of the laptop and you’ll find ease using it.


  1. Use a cooling pad

The internal cooling system of old laptops provide inadequate cooling. As a result, laptops run hot and you don’t get optimal performance from your laptop.

To increase the cooling of laptops there comes laptop cooling pads. Laptop cooling pads come with big external fans that provide cooling to your laptop up to some extent.

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  1. Proper Cleaning

Over the period of time and after years of usage fans inside your laptops attracts dust. It’s good to clean the internal parts with a dry, cleaning brush every 6 months to clean up all the dust.

In turn, your laptop will dissipate heat more efficiently.


Wrapping Up

Before buying a laptop, you should think about how long your laptop should last. The lifespan of the laptop depends on its usage and price. If you want it to last longer, you will have to go with a bit expensive option.

For example, if you don’t want to run high-power-intensive tasks, a mid-range laptop may be an expensive option for you.

You should always get a laptop according to your need and budget. Don’t overburden your laptop with multiple tasks if it’s not necessary. Take proper care of your laptop to extend its life by many years.




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