August 2, 2021

Top 4 Dual WAN Wifi Routers USA 2021

Topic: Top 4 Dual WAN Wifi Routers USA 2021

Top 4 Dual WAN Wifi Routers USA 2021

Top 4 Dual WAN Wifi Routers USA 2021

Businesses and other organizations are highly dependent on a stable and fast internet connection to smooth their routine procedures. This type of requirement could be catered with high-quality routers that support Dual WAN ports. Dual WAN routers generally have high-speed internet connections since they can connect to two different ISPs simultaneously.

Dual WAN routers are equipped with two internet ports and are essential if you cannot afford an internet outrage at any time and don’t want to depend on a single internet provider. Therefore, this is where Dual WAN Wi-Fi routers come to play by providing internet from two different internet Service providers.


In a hurry? Take a sneak peek of our best selection:


1. TRENDnet Gigabit Multi-WAN VPN Business Router

2. TP-Link Multi-WAN Wired VPN Router

3. TRENDnet AC3000 WAN VPN SMB Router



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Specifications you should look for choosing The Best Dual WAN Wifi Routers in 2021


Load Balancing

The most important factor to look for when buying a Dual WAN Wi-Fi router is the load balancing features it provides. There are different ways in which the load can be distributed. The default way spreads the traffic equally on both the WAN connections. Another feature is that if the speed is not the same, then the router would need to identify the speed of each router independently to correctly distribute the load over the two ISPs. Anyhow good Dual WAN Wi-Fi routers provide many different options for load balancing.


Failover and Backup

This Dual WAN router provides an important feature: network redundancy; if one of the internet connections fails, then the load is shifted to the other connection. Different features depend on the routers; some routers have primary and secondary internet ports. If the primary fails, then the connection is shifted to the secondary WAN connection as a backup.



One of the most important specifications of any Wi-Fi router is the type of security it provides, and it is important to take a good look at this aspect of the router before buying it. A good security feature or method would help you to encrypt traffic over the public networks, therefore, protecting your system from hacking or unauthorized reading of the data that is being transmitted. For example, many Dual WAN routers come with L2TP VPN that helps for a secure connection.

Now, let’s check the top 4 Dual WAN Wifi routers of the USA in 2021


Here are the Top 4 Dual WAN Wifi Routers in the USA for 2021

1. TRENDnet Gigabit Multi-WAN VPN Business Router

The next Wi-Fi router on the list is the Trend-Net Multi-WAN router. The good thing about this router is that it provides two modes of operation, i.e., If you require multi-LAN connections, you can use the WAN ports for this purpose. The important features of this Wi-Fi router are given below.

  • This Wi-Fi router supports multiple connections. It has 5 x Gigabit ports and two modes of operation. i.e., You can either use the rest of the four ports either as WAN ports or LAN ports. It depends on your requirement and your need for the mode in which you want to operate.
  • The Wi-Fi router provides a great load balancing since it can use 4 WAN ports that can be used to divide the traffic into four different internet connections.
  • The Wi-Fi router can also be used to expand your network range since you can group multiple routers and create a network redundancy that minimizes downtime.
  • Another most important feature of this Wi-Fi router is the security features that it provides. It can help you create a VPN tunnel to access local area network resources remotely using L2TP w/IPsec and others like SSL VPN protocols.
  • You can even benefit from the web filtering features this router provides. You can set a limit to screen time and, along with this, can also set a filter on the type of content to be available.

2. TP-Link Multi-WAN Wired VPN Router

Top 4 Dual WAN Wifi Routers USA 2021

This TP-Link Multi-WAN router is one of the best for load balancing. It has 4 WAN ports on which you can divide your traffic. It contains SPI Firewall and VPN connection features. Some of the other most important features of these Wi-Fi routers are given below

  • This Wi-Fi supports multiple connection modes and has five total ports. You have 1 Gigabit WAN port and 1 Gigabit LAN port, while the other three ports can either be configured as a LAN port or WAN port.
  • The network management in this Wi-Fi router has been made greatly easy by using Omada’s SDN. You can pick your preferred method of network management from OMADA offerings. One can integrate network devices set gateway access points and switches using OMADA SDN.
  • You can have Cloud Access control using this Wi-Fi router. The router even has remote access, and the OMADA software of the app brings all the different sites control from a single interface.
  • Talking about the security feature provided by this Wi-Fi router, you can have advanced firewall policies, URL/IP filtering, speed test, and more network and security features. All of these are available in this Wi-Fi router. It also provides with highly secure VPN.

3. TRENDnet AC3000 WAN VPN SMB Router

This Wi-Fi router supports a Tri-Band + Dual WAN internet connection. It provides highly fast internet speed and network redundancy as well. The important features or specifications of this router are as follows:

  • The three bands network connection maximizes networking speed. It supports 1733 Mbps on one 5 GHz band, 867 Mbps on the second GHz band, and 400 Mbps on the third 2.4 GHz band. Therefore, it maximizes the network speed and provides a fast internet connection.
  • The next important features of this Wi-Fi router are the load-balancing features since it contains Dual WAN ports that helps in dividing the traffic on two different Internet connection. Thus, it also provides a redundant network connection.
  • It also provides failover recovery, i.e., if one internet connection fails, it would shift to the secondary or the other network to reduce the network downtime.
  • The router supports advanced technology features such as VPN availability and QoS. It also provides IEEE 802. 1Q inter-VLAN routing, SSL, IPsec, PPTP, and L2TP w/IPsec ensure the optimal and best performance and also helps in protecting and securing your network environment.
  • Other features also include automatic notification, browser and CLI management, and wireless client isolation.

4. Synology RT2600ac – 4×4 dual-band Gigabit Wi-Fi router


Top 4 Dual WAN Wifi Routers USA 2021

The last item on the list is Synology RT2600ac 4×4 dual-band Wi-Fi router. It is a high processing Wi-Fi router with a 1.7 GHz Dual-Core processor. The notable features of this router are as follows.

  • It has a 1.7 GHz Dual-core processor that provides a fast speed and performance for uninterrupted communication with your devices. It has a coverage area of 3000 square, so you can enjoy high-speed internet no matter wherever you are.
  • This Wi-Fi router also includes strong 4×4 802.11ac wave two radios with MU-MIMO technology and a 2.53 Gbps throughput. It also features a dual-band mode, with radio bands of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.
  • This Wi-Fi router features smart connection technology that allows it to effortlessly go from a maximum speed of range, i.e., it can switch from offering a high-speed connection to giving a longer range.
  • This Wi-Fi router has a hardware-accelerated layer, with seven traffic control and monitoring.
  • The Wi-Fi router’s parental controls help control children’s online activities and help keep a check and monitor their usage.
  • The Wi-Fi router has a system ram type of ddr3_sdram that provides a staggering high processing speed. It also has a Dual WAN, i.e., capable of load balancing and failover support.
  • Finally, in addition to VPN, the Wi-Fi router provides security control. By utilizing mesh Wi-Fi technology, it also offers coverage.



Dual WAN Wi-Fi routers are essential for companies and businesses that require a fast and stable internet connection with almost zero downtime.

For this purpose, Dual WAN Wi-Fi routers provide internet from different ISPs and balance the load effectively.

However, buying a perfect Dual WAN router can be a complex task as numerous products are available in the market.

Therefore, we got you the top 4 Dual WAN routers that would help to lessen your effort.

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