Best WiFi Router for your Smart TV in the USA in 2021

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Topic: Best WiFi Router for your Smart TV in the USA in 2021| CHECK ON AMAZON Best WiFi Router for your Smart TV in the USA in 2021



Best WiFi Router for your Smart TV in the USA in 2021

People worldwide struggle to find a router that works well for phones, laptops, and smart TV. Even if one does, finding an all-in-one router with so many features is a challenging task. Watching your favorite TV-Show without lagging on 4k streaming is hard but we’ve got you covered.

We present you the best wi-fi router for smart tv in the USA, The Netgear Nighthawk R7350. It is the best router released by Netgear to date. It is among the fastest working routers from Netgear. This new Netgear R7350 also has some unique features that are only available in the Netgear home router.

It’s a great deal and is the best wi-fi router for smart tv in the USA as it provides 4k tv streaming without any lagging while watching your favorite TV shows. It is known to be better than a lot of new routers in the market. It has all the characteristics that one requires to call it the Best wi-fi Router for Smart tv in the USA. Let’s know more about this best wi-fi router in the USA for smart tv.

Best WiFi Router for your Smart TV in the USA in 2021 – Key Features:

Wi-Fi Speed

Extreme Wi-Fi speed, especially for gaming, in words up to 2400 Mbps.  Stream data from multiple devices for lag-free gaming and video streaming with no interruption. Extreme range with greatly powerful amplifiers and has extra antennas connected to it for the best connectivity.

Beamforming+ for better wifi ranging and better and robust performance across 2.4 and 5GHz devices. It also has a dual-core processor for smooth 4K UHD video streaming and gaming.

LAN Ports

It has 4 GigaBit ethernet ports. You have to connect more wired devices to it for more accessible and better file transfer. Connections are not interrupted due to faster internet. The Nighthawk app can quickly help you set up your router and know more about your wifi system. It allows access from anywhere to manage your network away from your home.

The router has USB 3.0 for about ten times better access to your media that is stored and USB 2.0.

It contains free software for the backup of computers that are based on windows. They automatically protect your files, and Airtime Fairness stops network lagging when slow working devices are connected.


It has three powerful retractable WiFi antennas to give you better coverage. Markedly, Netgear claims that the router will give wifi coverage up to 2500 square feet if you position the router strategically.

Best WiFi Router for your Smart TV in the USA in 2021

Uninterrupted 4k Streaming

The Netgear R7350 comes with QoS (Quality of Service) technology with built-in support for apps like YouTube, Netflix, and other streaming apps. For that reason, the router will prioritize the internet traffic to the most demanding devices, apps in the network. As a result, you’ll enjoy your favorite tv shows seamlessly without lags.

Smart Parental Controls

With these intelligent parental controls, You can limit the content to be allowed on your network and the time usage online. These Parental controls help you keep a check on what your network users are doing online. They also allow you to restrict the content.

There are various controls such as filtering websites, recording the activities, limiting your kids’ screen time, and viewing their communication. This is the best way to control your children’s Internet usage and control their time limit.


Technically, R7350 has specifications that include speeds of 2400 Mbps, 2.4 GHz, and 5GHz dual-band wifi. Beamforming technology with a dual-core processor with a powerful memory for better streaming. 128MB flash and 256Mb. RAM for downstream and upstreaming. It automatically recognizes users and prioritizes apps that IPv6 supports.

Product Delivery

The package contains:

  • A Nighthawk R7350 Smart wifi Router.
  • Three detachable antennas.
  • Ethernet wiring.
  • A power adapter.
  • A guide for beginners.


It provides a user-friendly interface to configure the router, which the other cable vendors do not offer. Netgear routers have always been well built and have not suffered in Quality.

Pros and Cons


  1. It delivers excellent streaming quality.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. Provides a flexible and user-friendly interface to use the router that you want.
  4. Always Well Built and have excellent Quality.
  5. Installation is simple.


  1. It is vast in size, and so this router will take up a lot of space in your house on your walls.
  2. Doesn’t support WiFi 6

Check Price on Amazon

A quick buying guide for the Best WiFi Router for your Smart TV in the USA in 2021:

Look For a Trusted Brand

While buying routers, everyone wants to make sure that they are purchasing exactly what they need. Purchasing this router will be beneficial to you and affect your work and entertainment in a good way. It is a trusted brand. You’ll have some peace of mind if you ever go through any complications. The customer service will solve it.

Safety and Privacy

Routers like this one give you extra privacy and safety. Virtual Private network servers and other features like antivirus can help make your network safe from any attack.

Long Term Investment

Rather than getting a router service on rent, it is better to purchase your router, which will be a long-term investment.

Easy to Assemble

Many simple routers are easier to set up, so get some router that you can set on your right after taking it out of the box.

Variety of Models

Make sure you check up on other different models before you decide to get this one to know that you’re making the best purchase according to your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer questions that the customers frequently ask about the router.


How do I install my router from NETGEAR?

The easiest way to install your router is the Nighthawk application. You can use this app to view all the devices connected to your network, do speed tests, and manage your wifi settings.


Do I always have to buy the latest chipset on my NETGEAR router?

Yes, if you have the latest chipset, it will increase its stability, the way it functions, and your router’s overall performance. Having an updated micro-set will surely solve issues and its potentially improved features.


How many total devices can you connect wirelessly to one router at the same time?

The maximum number of wireless connections a router can handle is 32 per band. If your router is of the dual-branded model, the total wireless connections per router will be 64. You will have 64 links on your router in total, 32 for 2.4 GHz and 32 for the other 5 GHz.


Which one is the best router from the Nighthawk series?

We can’t list down all the best routers, but NETGEAR Nighthawk R7350 is undoubtedly the best router for smart tv in the USA this year. It is also great for gaming and streaming your videos.


Can the username admin of the router be changed?

No, there is no such option available to change the username of the admin. Moreover, you can still change the password to access the router.


If a NETGEAR router is in Wireless AP mode currently, how do I turn on its VPN feature?

You cannot use the VPN service once you select the Wireless AP Mode.


How many port forwarding entries are available for home routers?

Around 64 entries are allowed for all the new routers from the Nighthawks series, and 20 for all the old routers.




Now you know which router is a clear winner when we talked about 4k streaming with higher framerates. You can watch your favorite movies and shows on your smart TV now without worrying about it lagging. Netgear R7350 is by far the best wi-fi router for smart tv in the USA. Just order this one already if you want to have a chill by watching a 4k movie at your home. With this internet router, you can enjoy your smart tv with this best wi-fi router for smart tv in the USA.

Good Luck!


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