5 Best Laptops for Interior Design USA 2022

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Topic: 5 Best Laptops for Interior Design USA 2022

5 Best Laptops for Interior Design USA 2021

5 Best Laptops for Interior Designers USA 2022

If you are a student in interior design or an interior designer already in the field, you might be looking for a great laptop for you to work with.

Getting an upgraded version or one with the best specs is always the choice.

You may come with a lot of options when googling for the best one. Finding out different information about a good laptop for interior design might make it difficult to get the right one.

Some software you need to use for interior designing includes 3DS Max, AutoCAD, Revit, etc. A good choice may be the one that can support this software.

You might also confuse yourself with the hardware choice and other specifications.

This article will discuss the Best 5 Laptops for Interior Designers available in the USA in 2022 to make everything easy for you.

You can check the products’ ratings and reviews by going to the link.


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Laptop Requirements for Interior Design in 2022


Before moving forward, let’s understand the requirements for the 5 Best Laptops for Interior Design USA 2021 that we’re going to discuss.

Either you’re a professional interior designer or an interior design student looking for the best laptop to buy for your kind of work.



The majority of people lose out on the CPU front and only focuses on the GPU. But the point is that in the design field the software you work with is very demanding of processing power along with a significant amount of graphic processing power.

I’m assuming you want a laptop that can support you for at least 3 to 4 years without giving you a thought to upgrade the laptop.

In this case, I recommend you to go for a laptop with the latest generation i5 processor or Ryzen 5 processor on AMD’s side.

In that way, software and applications run very efficiently and you’ll feel fluidity in your workflow. And above all save a lot of time rendering 3D modeling works.

Some might argue, i3 processors from Intel these days are very powerful to handle interior designing workloads.

Yes, i3 processors can handle the work but you won’t feel the fluidity and satisfaction that you get from an i5 or i7 processor paired with a good graphic card.

Furthermore, those low-end processors are not that of a future-proof solution, you have to change the laptop in order to upgrade the laptop in the future.


Graphics Card

Graphics card is a really important component in a laptop to use in interior design. All your designing and 3D modeling software require a decent graphics card.

Choosing a suitable graphic card is one of the most difficult tasks.

Generally, the graphic card helps for zooming, orbiting, rotating, panning your models and designs. And while rendering, the graphic card is the real time-saver.

In the 2021 standard, anything above Nvidia Geforce GTX 1650 will get the job done.



RAM is very crucial to a consistent interior design workflow.

3D modeling softwares like Revit and 3DS Max are RAM-hungry. They’ll eat up the majority of the available amount of ram if you throw a good amount of 3D rendering work.

If you don’t have the minimum recommended amount of RAM, you’ll have a hard time even opening the softwares properly.

It is 2021, and the majority of the universities recommend having at least 8 GB of RAM. That’s the bare minimum if you’re short of a budget.

Although, I will recommend having a minimum of 16 GB is preferable.

But if you want a future-ready laptop for interior design, go for a laptop with 32 GB of RAM available.



As the interior design is a creative field and viewing the accurate models and designs that are the genesis of your creativity.

Because of that, one of the principal prerequisites in interior design is having a display that is very accurate and at the same time pleases your eyes.

We recommend having a 15 inch full HD panel with accurate color is the minimum.

You can choose the desired screen sizes ranging from 12 inches all the way to 17 inches.

If you’re confused about different screen sizes, check out Laptop screen size comparison guide, which will help you choose a suitable screen size for you.



SSDs are vital these days. You’ll get less space in terms of data storage compared to the conventional magnetic hard drives.

Nowadays, even low-end laptops also come with a Solid State Drive.

SSDs can increase the loading speed of the O.S or software programs you work on by manifold.

NVMe SSDs provide the ultimate speed that you can get in 2021 and that will help to make your life easier by reducing the load time drastically.



Many of you already working with these softwares, hence don’t need any introduction.

But if you are very new to interior design and looking for the best laptop for interior design to buy then choose a laptop keeping the requirements of these softwares in mind.

Some of the softwares you need throughout your interior design carrier are listed below:

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is a pixel-based image manipulation tool from Adobe that is very popular among the design and media industries. Check out the system requirements to run Adobe Photoshop on your laptop.

Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator is an industry-standard vector-based graphic design software that helps to design various graphic elements from logo, web graphics, real-estate design mock-ups to interior design.

Check out the system requirements to run Adobe Photoshop on your laptop.


AutoCAD is the industry-standard computer-aided designing software from AutoDesk. The piece of software is very popular in interior design, architecture, construction, engineering, and other various fields.

Check out the hardware requirements of this software.


Some of the other software you need are Revit3DS MaxSketchUpRhino.


Now, let’s check some of the 5 Best Laptops for Interior Design USA 2021 that you can buy for your interior design-related works.


Here are the 5 Best Laptops for Interior Designers USA 2022

1. ASUS TUF Gaming F17 Gaming Laptop

5 Best Laptops for Interior Design USA 2021

The first option in our selection of the 5 Best Laptops for Interior Design USA 2021 that seems to be one of the best is ASUS TUF F17. It comes with great graphics and a processor to support the different software.

Its IPS type display helps a person in designing in a better way.

The RAM and SSD provide enough storage to store all your al designs. It comes with durable military standard construction.

It is not only for interior design but also is a great option for gaming purposes.

The given are some of the factors that make it a good choice.

  • This laptop is best for interior design as well as for serious gaming. It provides real-world durability carrying you to victory. With efficient self-cleaning cooling, it provides a reliable and durable design. It combines with TUF’s signature military-grade durability to make you able to do your work in a better way.
  • Its strength makes it capable of handling any situation. Providing a great, dependable performance for gaming, streaming, and others is one of its great features.
  • It comes with a 10th Gen Intel Core CPU and NVIDIA GeForce graphics powers. Both of these provides the laptop capability of serious multitasking and gaming.
  • There are lots of I/O ports that you can use for the connection of your devices. With these, you can start working anywhere. The parts include one USB 3.2 Type C, two USB 3.2 Type-A ports, and an additional USB 2.0 Type-A port. Type-A allows for speedy data transfers, and an additional one makes three total inputs for preferred peripherals.
  • The two upgraded speakers allow a richer audio experience with sounder and deeper bass than previous generations.
  • It comes with DTS:X Ultra technology providing high-fidelity 7.1-channel virtual surround sound.
  • This laptop comes with successfully survives a rigorous battery of MIL-STD-810H tests.
  • The batteries and laptop are reliable after being exposed to different tests like drops, vibration, humidity, and extreme temperatures.

2. 2020 Apple MacBook Air 

5 Best Laptops for Interior Design USA 2021

Another option for interior design is the 2020 Apple MacBook Air providing great features.

An Apple-designed M1 chip provides a giant leap in GPU, CPU, and machine learning performance.

The battery life of this laptop goes longer, which allows you to take your laptop anywhere and work without fear.

It provides faster performance and faster graphics.

The storage allows you to launch apps and open files together.

The given are some of its good features:

  • It comes with a 13.3-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit display that provides vibrant images and incredible detail. With support for millions of colors, it comes with a 2560-by-1600 native resolution at 227 pixels per inch.
  • The System on Chip Apple M1 chip provides great machine learning performance.
  • It comes with an 8-core CPU with four performance cores and four efficiency cores.
  • The 16-core Neural Engine provides advanced machine learning.
  • Apple 8-core GPU provides great graphics and video support.
  • There are many ports for ease, including two Thunderbolt, USB 4 ports, Charging, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt 3, and USB 3.1 Gen 2.
  • It comes with 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 wireless networking and Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology.
  • The longer battery life of 18 hours allows you to use it for a longer period without fear of charging.
  • It comes with 8GB of unified memory, providing a fast and fluid setup.

3. Microsoft Surface Book 3

The third choice for the 5 Best Laptops for Interior Design USA 2021 is New Microsoft Surface Book 3. Quad-core-powered, 10th Gen Intel Core processors make this laptop a powerful one.

It is faster than Surface Book 2 13.5″.

NVIDIA GTX GeForce GPU powers the faster graphics on Surface. It provides longer battery life and improved standby extending the battery life.

Being the robust, powerful, and portable one makes it a good choice for you.

Given are the details of its features:

  • Being a faster and more durable laptop makes it capable of handling intensive tasks. You can have your large designs in it and can open different tabs in one. It also allows you to edit large video files and enjoy the best gaming experience on any Surface laptop.
  • The laptop makes it easier for you to do your work in a faster way. With this robust laptop, portable Studio, and powerful tablet, you can complete all your tasks without any difficulty.
  • With this tablet mode, there is nothing that’ll come in your way of creativity. You can use the Surface pen to design your creative ideas.
  • It comes loud and clear with an enhanced dual far-field Studio providing great sound.
  • The laptop comes with a backlit keyboard that allows you to type faster and confidently in dark areas. It has a large, responsive trackpad that allows natural navigation.
  • You can create your best work on Microsoft 365 with this laptop. It also provides a great gaming experience with your Xbox Wireless controller.
  • It comes with a better and faster Surface pen and precision mouse. These are for exceptional accuracy, comfort, and control.

4. Dell G5

5 Best Laptops for Interior Design USA 2021

Newest Dell G5 is one of the great choices for interior design and other aspects.

It comes with a great display and a powerful processor. The high-speed RAM and Enormous Space allow multitasking and run multiple applications at once.

It comes with an operating system that keeps you safe and productive.

The details of the feature are as below:

  • It comes with a 15.6-inch display with an FHD of 1920×1080. The display is 300nits WVA Anti-Glare LED-Backlit with a non-touch display.
  • The processor of this laptop is 10th Generation Intel Core i7-10750H with 12MB Cache, up to 5.0 GHz, six cores.
  • It has high-speed RAM of 32GB DDR4 Memory that allows multitasking. The enormous space and RAM allow to smoothly run multiple applications and tabs at once.
  • This laptop comes with a 1TB PCIe Hard Drive and a Solid State Drive that allows you to fast bootup and data transfer.
  • There are many slots in the laptops, including one HDMI 2.0, one Headset jack, and two SuperSpeed USB 2.0. Some others are one Wedge lock slot, one SuperSpeed USB 3.2 Gen 1, one RJ-45 Ethernet, and one USB-C with DisplayPort Alt-Mode.
  • It comes with the operating system of Windows 10. The operating system provides built-in security and apps of use to keep you safe and productive.

5. 2021 New HP Pavilion

The last option for the 5 Best Laptops for Interior Design USA 2021 is the 2021 New HP Pavilion.

It provides an anti-glare micro-edge display and an amazing microprocessor.

The laptop provides large memory and a hard drive of 256 GB. It comes with an acid green backlit keyboard. It also provides wireless connectivity and other connectivity options. T

he details of the features are as below:

  • The laptop comes with a 15.6″ FHD micro-edge display providing 1920 x 1080 resolution. It provides impressive color and clarity. With an anti-glare energy-efficient WLED screen, the laptop is easy on the eyes.
  • It comes with a full-size, acid green backlit, keyboard allowing you to have comfortable use. The keyboard also comes with a numeric keypad.
  • It comes with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Graphics making it great for different purposes. There are dual speakers and an HP Wide Vision HD Camera to provide you a better experience.
  • The processor of this laptop is AMD Ryzen 5 4600H with a higher benchmark than Intel i5-9300H.
  • Its RAM is of 16GB high-bandwidth that allows you to smoothly run multiple applications and browser tabs.
  • The hard drive is 256 GB PCIe allows fast bootup and data transfer.
  • There are different connectivity options, including different ports. It includes USB Type-C, Type-A, HDMI, and other ports.


There are different aspects to look for selecting laptops for professional tasks and interior designers.

The aspects include having multi-core processors, such as the i7 from the latest generation or the 4th generation Ryzen processors.

There should be a large enough space on the hard disk to store the large data easily. It should have a minimum of 16 GB DDR4 RAM.

Windows 10 is the standard for the laptop to be good for such a purpose. There are many other aspects to look for. You can check the provided options to select the right one.

Go into the provided link to know about the 5 Best Laptops for Interior Design USA 2022.

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