June 22, 2021

Best Cybersecurity Movies USA 2021

Topic: Best Cybersecurity Movies USA 2021

Best Cybersecurity Movies USA 2021

Best Cybersecurity Movies USA 2021

Cybersecurity or information security isn’t uncomplicated to work, and only a qualified or skilled individual can do it properly.

To gain these powerful skills, one has to get a degree or work extremely hard to make robust network security programs that can stop hackers from stealing confidential information. No doubt! Cybersecurity is an exciting and exquisite career in the real world.  People also enjoy it because they can’t get bored with it. After all, it is not like an ordinary job where you have simple type codes to get results. Here the coding should be powerful enough to work as a shield for information, and sometimes, coding provides extraordinary results that drive the cybersecurity team to work that extra mile.

Nowadays, people are more interested in seeing visuals of exciting work, and movies are the best way to show. Many famous directors have made great entertaining movies on cybersecurity themes over the years. Most of these movies are not only for fun but also to understand the work of cybersecurity professionals. Some movies are an inspiration for people because of their interest in the cyber field. The following are the best movies ever made on the cybersecurity theme that will also inspire you to learn cybersecurity so you can protect your privacy and can also serve your country.

1.Cyber Crime

Cybercrime came on the big screen in 2019 and is a remarkably informative documentary. That depicts the story of ten different cybersecurity specialists expressing their views over cybersecurity incidents. The movie shows how hackers steal information and destroy several businesses and lives and also reveals how cybercrime gets millions of dollars every year.

2.The Matrix

The Matrix is one of the most popular movies in the world that was started as a cult film in 1999 but then rapidly grew in popularity worldwide as a classic. In the movie, Keanu Reeves acts as a hacker in the dystopian future who has to save mankind from a simulation trap, also known as the Matrix. The film shows that intelligent machines have created simulated reality to tangle humans and use their bodies as a source of energy. Nowadays, if we think in a parallel way, we will know that we have similar things around us, as shown by the movie, and everyone is using gadgets.

3.The girl with the dragon tattoo

The movie came on the big screen in 2011 and was based on the Swedish psychological crime novel of 2005. David Fincher directed the film in which Daniel Craig plays the role of a journalist, and Roney Mara acts as a computer hacker. In the movie, Both come to a point and start working to investigate a girl who disappeared 40 years ago. The movie became more thrilling and popular when people knew that the author died before the novel’s publication. Moreover, due to the content of the novels, the author also received many death threats.

Best Cybersecurity Movies USA 2021

4.V for Vendetta

Like the Matrix, V for Vendetta is also about a dystopian future and a 2005 release. The movie shows that the British Government has announced a strict curfew in the city due to a virus outbreak—an anarchist suspected foul play in this situation and hacked a television network with the help of Natalie Portman. The movie shows a revolutionary and noble use of hacking skills. At the same time, it also shows the negative side of how things could go wrong if the wrong hands hack public media networks.

5. The Italian Job

It was a thriller movie, released in 2003 in which Edward Norton played the role of a thief who deceives his team and gets all the gold they stole during a heist. After this betrayal, the team used advanced Cyber Security Techniques to trace him and make him pay. Jason Statham, Mark Wahlberg, and Charlize Theron are also part of the cast.

6.Bourne Ultimatum

The movie came on the big screen in 2007 in which Matt Damon acts like a man who loses his memory and has to trace down people who make him like this. To do this, he collaborates with a famous investigation officer, and then the CIA teams trace down the group using advanced cybersecurity tools and undermine their plans.

7.The Imitation Game

The Oscar-nominated movie, The Imitation Game was released in 2014. The movie tells the story of a mathematician who, a newly created British agent. The agent was hired to crack Germany’s enigma code during World War II. You may find this movie a bit different from advanced cybersecurity movies. But still, this movie is worth watching and is relevant. The difference is because these are types of national security applications that cybersecurity is now very prevalent.

8.The Great Hack

This movie is a fascinating documentary, released in 2019. The Great Hack examines and describes the Cambridge Analytica Scandal through the narratives of affected individuals. The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica Scandal was famous worldwide, and it increases the demand for cybersecurity systems in the world. The movie examines and shows that the hackers got the personal information of millions of Facebook users without asking for their consent.

Best Cybersecurity Movies USA 2021

9.The Defenders

The movie came on the big screen in 2018 and is a documentary about four famous cyber-attacks. The movie achieved popularity due to its diverse conversation and tribute to the unsung heroes who work day and night to keep our privacy secure. The Defenders movie keeps itself out of the box due to its deep historical understanding.

10.War Games: The dead code

It’s an eccentric 1983 movie. The movie talks about two teenagers who accidentally hack the US military supercomputer. And eventually, start a nuclear war against the Soviet Union. The film got immense popularity and was quite influential. It was also nominated for the Academy Awards.


These are the 10 best cybersecurity movies that will make your day and inspire you for a cybersecurity career. After watching movies, you will get an idea about the exciting cybersecurity career. You can become a cybersecurity specialist and can serve the country by keeping it safe from hackers. So, this concludes the topic for Best Cybersecurity Movies USA 2021.

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